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So I’ve got a new desire to craft.  Whatever that means, I think mainly I just want to explore the world of creativity.  Being in the mountains with a lack of things to do in the winter has sparked this somewhat new interest of mine.  One of these interests involves jewelry.  It’s something I don’t have enough of!  I’m always looking for cute little somethings to dress up with, so  instead of spending more money on these lovely items, I’ve decided to go the less expensive route and make my own!   I will update my blog with these lovely little things as often as I can.

Every once in awhile I find a spiffy item that sparks me to try CRAFTING!  A new concept for me, but I guess I am mostly into making old into new, or otherwise taking what we no longer use and making it usable. I am always searching for ways to make this happen! Hopefully, I find and can share some of these cute and simple things to do with you!

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My sister-in-law, Angela, who recently visited us over Christmas,  has started to create her own beautiful jewelry and taught me how it’s done.  After she left, it was like an itch I had to scratch…I needed to bead! I know it sounds crazy but it’s so much fun and when you’re done you have all these lovely little things.

So, I made my way down to the “valley” where stores like Hobby Lobby and Michael’s exist and made my first jewelry making supplies purchase (thank you Michael for your patience.) Once I was home with my goods, I began beading while watching T.V., movies, in between cleaning, and well any chance I got!  So far, I’ve only made earrings, as these are mostly what I wear, but hope to make some bracelets and necklaces soon!  Well, here they are.  My little treasures….






My hope with posting these is not only to share what I’ve been working on, but to make these available for you to have a pair for yourself!  For now, I’ll post them and welcome any feedback.


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