friday date night – prosciutto wrapped salmon

2010 January 10

So in effort to cook more home cooked meals together and use simple but delicious ingredients, Michael and I decided to make prosciutto wrapped salmon with pappardelle and zucchini ribbons.  Made with very few ingredients, I didn’t expect such a great fresh flavor.  With practically no prep work,  it was very easy to assemble.  We found that when making the zucchini ribbons, a simple vegetable peeler worked the best!  If you have a mandolin slicer that would work great as well, but if not, be relieved knowing there is always a way around lack of kitchen gadgets. Speaking of gadgets, I love my zester.  I know it’s not much to get excited about, but there is value in not spending a great deal of time zesting a lemon.  AKA Parmesan cheese grater, this gadget comes in handy for all kinds of things and makes zesting a breeze!


If you’re not familiar with the noodle called “papardelle”, let me tell you about it.  Made from an egg based dough, this noodle is very rich and fluffy.  When cooking these noodles, you want to make sure to preserve the noodles flavor by not overcooking it and, well, making it a limp noodle!  The Italians use the word “al dente”, meaning to cook it through but keep it a little firm. Papardelle is most commonly topped with hearty meat sauce, so I decided to switch it up a bit and make it with a light and fresh meatless sauce.  My decision was beautiful!  Sometimes taking a simple ingredient and trying it in a new way makes cooking fun!


I had never thought of pairing cheese and prosciutto with salmon but, when reading this recipe, I thought it sounded absolutely delicious!  This dish called for “fontina” cheese, a soft creamy and nutty flavored Italian cheese that melts well.  It is somewhat pungent, so I initially worried a bit about it overpowering the salmon.  My worry was quickly gone when I took my first bite.  It was a fabulous pair!  The saltiness of the proscuitto and creaminess of the cheese with salmon was amazing!


When all said and done, it was an absolutely wonderful dish. We felt like we were at a fancy restaurant, but instead we were relaxed at home with a few extra bucks in our pockets, eating a wonderful dinner just the two of us. There are just a few things I would suggest changing  if making this for yourself.  The recipe calls for a bit too much lemon zest in my opinion, I would cut what it calls for in half, making the lemon a little more subtle. To cut the flavors and make it a  little more complex, I added garlic salt to the pasta-zucchini mix before putting in the vinaigrette.  After plating it, I added a few more chives to top it all off.


Being inspired to entertain more, I picked up the cook book with this recipe from Anthropologie ( an amazing store I could spend all day in) called ” food for friends” by Fran Warde.  It’s wonderful to use for tasty, easy planned meals, and ideas for parties.  I especially like it because it gives you a whole menu to use for dinner parties with serving amounts.  What else could you ask for?  How about telling you when to prepare certain things the day before and day of your party…wow.  It takes a certain weight of your shoulder and this is perfection.  I love this cook book.    I will definitely be using it for a lot of my ideas.  If you would like to pick it up and be inspired to create on your own click HERE.

513WXTX119L._SS500_If you have any questions about this post, please feel free to email me- Jamie at onesweetlife dot net ( avoiding spam here).  I welcome advice and new ideas.  Looking forward to hearing from you.

Happy Cooking!


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  1. Cassie ford permalink
    March 10, 2010

    Me likey your cute website, love to cook myself, will have to share recipes. your photography is awesome too….. Maybe we can pack up all our chitlins and visit soon , have any sitters up there???

  2. admin permalink*
    March 10, 2010

    Cassie- Thanks and congrats to you and Creed and your new little one! How very exciting :) We would LOVE to have you all out for a visit and I might just know someone to help out with the babysitting. Let’s do exchange recipes! Do you have a blog? I’m new to this and as you can tell my recipe repertoire is lacking…but I guess that takes time. Would love to cook up some good Greek food!

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