dulce de leche

2010 February 8
by Jamie

After finding a very delicious vanilla bean ice cream, I had inspiration to try and make a perfect pairing with dulce de leche. And, well, mission accomplished.  After researching how to make it, this controversial recipe had me a bit worried for my life. So taking to heart the warning of aluminum cans of hot molten liquid blowing up in my face, I decided to go with the “safer” route and ditch the pressure cooker, pots of boiling water and aluminum cans, and decided upon an insanely easy recipe to make this wonderfully sweet treat in a crock pot.  I do wonder, why would anyone do it the other way???  I will be sure to make this over and over again ( in my crock pot, of course.)

dulce de leche-1-5

You need the following-

1 crock pot

aluminum foil- (1 small square)

3 cans of sweetened condensed milk

dulce de leche-1

Be sure to take off the labels from the cans and looks for any big dents, especially around the rim and seams of can.  The cans will be under a lot of pressure, so we want to make sure they are air tight!  Place foil on the bottom of the crock pot for a little cushion.  Evenly spread out the cans so they have room in between them and cover to the lip of the crock pot with water.   The water has to cover the cans the whole time it’s cooking.  Turn the crock pot on at LOW and leave for 8 hours and that’s it!!!

dulce de leche-1-2

I suggest that you do this during the morning/early afternoon while you are up and about.  I did it a little too late in the day and had to set a dulce de leche alarm!  Be sure to handle them securely, as the contents are hot and still under a lot of pressure.  Do not drop!!  After cooling for nearly 8 hours, this is what awaited me!  Yes, I did do a finger dip….YUMMY.

dulce de leche-1-3
This was a perfect morning sugary treat!  I was tempted to drizzle this caramel gooey goodness all over my corn flakes!

dulce de leche-1-4

This was my first time making dulce de leche, but certainly won’t be my last.  It’s also good on muffins, cakes, or even just a nice big spoon full will do the trick.

It also makes for a great homemade gift!

Yours Sweetly,


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